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What We Do

Blue Iguana Software is the market leader in “Do It Yourself ™” sustainability planning software. We work diligently every day to make sure that we are providing our customers with the latest “eco-relevant” technology and industry breakthroughs to help companies achieve a more eco-friendly existence.

Blue Iguana Software Business Edition 2013 ™ is a robust and powerful sustainability software tool. Our software will perform an in depth analysis and score your business based on your current business profile and how eco friendly your business practices currently are. Next it will provide you with an in-depth analysis of what you can do to begin you sustainability planning and on the path to becoming a Blue Iguana Software Green Certified.


" Blue Iguana Software helps businesses become more environmentally friendly, which not only benefits the earth, but the company as well -- through cost reduction and efficiency." - Trend Hunter "

" A great sustainability tool."- CEO of Green TV.

"..Blue Iguana Software is dedicated to helping companies reduce their impact on the environment. Benefits of going green include:- Green Magazine Online.."

About Us

Blue Iguana Software is based in the heart of the beautiful
San Francisco Bay Area in a small town in the East Bay.
We ask our employees to work remotely whenever possible to reduce our companies carbon footprint.

Our Mission

Blue Iguana Software ™ is dedicated to helping your company be successful through achieving an eco-friendly business model focused on education, efficiency, action and charity. We are dedicated to providing quality customer support and intelligent software products while helping our planet and fellow humans.

The Blue Iguana Software ™ program is designed to help your company become more eco-friendly and at the same time save money. Using the Eco Friendly Business Analysis Tool (EBAT) Blue Iguana Software ™ will perform a comprehensive analysis of your company’s corporate real estate, infrastructure, products/materials, business processes and much more. The software then processes the results and rates your company's green standing.

Along with your rating we also provide you a detailed report with suggestions on how you can make your company a more environmentally friendly business. Organizations that score high enough are also given the “Blue Iguana Software ™ Green Certified Company” seal which lets your employee’s, customers, partners, and vendors know you are a Blue Iguana Certified Green Company!

Our Certification

The Blue Iguana Software Certification was created after two years of research and business planning. Our criteria for certification are one of the most stringent certifications in the market. We address all facets of your business, which we have divided into four segments, Corporate Real Estate, Infrastructure, Business Processes, and Materials. Our certification take into account your company profile, from small to large businesses and then we set our certifications based on that. We don’t ask small business owners who lease an office space to build a new roof, or a large business owner to change just their business policies. We take into account the full scope of your company and base certification on size, type, revenue, and employees counts. Unlike other certifications Blue Iguana Software offers an in depth look at your entire business. We then produce a detailed report to give you a valuable understanding of what your company can begin doing to be greener. Finally we give you a suggested sustainability project plan to help you get started.

When you become Blue Iguana Software Certified you can be proud to share your achievement with your partners, customers, and employees through your marketing, website, social media and much more… Blue Iguana Software ™ was created and founded by a team of professionals with over 50+ years of business experience and with a passion for helping the planet. We are proud to help businesses become eco-friendly while at the same time being sensitive to operating costs and capital expenditures. We have designed Blue Iguana Software with the CFO in mind and have leveraged our research to build a product that is not only great for sustainability planning but also can help reduce the operating costs of most businesses.

Our Products

Blue Iguana Software ™ - Business Edition

How does the software work?

Blue Iguana Software Business Edition 2013 is a Cloud based application, which gives our business customers access to their powerful sustainability planning software from anywhere in the world. By using BISBE2013 in the cloud you will be able to login and continue your important work where you left off. Your progress will be saved into the cloud and your information secured on our state of the art servers.

Once you purchase your Blue Iguana Software you will then be sent an email with a link. Once you click on the link you will register your product and be granted access to the Blue Iguana Software Business Edition 2013. You will then have an entire year to use our software for sustainability planning and work towards certification. Once you complete the analysis you will be given a certification rating. Depending on your score your certification could be Silver, Gold or Platinum. You will then be sent a digital Blue Iguana Certified Eco Friendly Business seal with your unique registration number that you can use to share with your customers, partners, and employees.

Anything below 70% rating you will be given the guidelines within a roadmap to begin making changes to achieve a level of certification. After the analysis is complete you will also be given a detailed report, and a suggested sustainability plan to work from. We give you everything you need to begin sustainability planning.


  • Servers and Workstations
  • Company furniture
  • Supplies
  • Tele communications
  • Recyclable products
  • And much more…

    Corporate Real Estate

  • Buildings
  • Lighting
  • Uniforms
  • Break rooms / Kitchens
  • Restrooms
  • Company Vehicles
  • And much more…


  • Operations
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Product Packaging
  • Production Efficiency
  • Inventory Management
  • And much more…

    Business Processes

  • Records Management
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Printers and Multifunction Devices (MFD’s)
  • Corporate Functions
  • Marketing
  • Business Travel
  • Marketing Material

    Click to the links below to download our Marketing Material - Adobe PDF Reader Required

    BIS Brochure   BIS Worksheet

    Save the Planet and Money!

    Blue Iguana Software ™ is designed to help your company become more eco friendly. In most cases the results you will receive will also help your company run more efficiently and reduce annual operating costs.

    Avoid expensive consulting fees

    Many consultants charge thousands of dollars to perform the same or even less analysis as the Blue Iguana Software ™ product performs.

    Possible Tax Benefits

    Depending on your companies tax profile, the purchase of Blue Iguana Software ™ could be tax deductible. (We encourage you to check with a licensed accountant to find out if your company can deduct this product from your taxes.)

    The Benefits of Going Green.

    Lets customers, partners and vendors know you are serious about the environment. • Maintains and encourages good community relations • Improves corporate image • Helps with conservation of raw materials and energy • Reduction in operating costs •Improves industry/government relations • Streamlines your business process and can save employee time.

    You have to make a commitment too

  • You will have to continuously be improving your company’s business practices.
  • Demonstrate compliance with relevant environmental legislation as a minimum level of performance
  • Hold education and training for employees focusing on environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities
  • Track your company’s progress and review your environmental performance on a regular basis (usually annually).
  • For more information on how you can help the planet and save money please email us at info@blueiguanasoftware.com

    Become a Blue Iguana Software ™ Certified Green Company

    When your Blue Iguana Software ™ completes its analysis and you rate 90% or better you will become a “Blue Iguana Software ™ Certified Green Company.” You will then receive the rights to the digital “certified” logo for you to utilize on your website, and/or marketing materials.

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    Social Responsibility

    Our Responsibility

    Blue Iguana Software ™ is a member of the board of directors for Project 66; a large Bay Area organization dedicated to helping inner cities with education, environmental issues, and impoverished families.

    The Blue Iguana Software ™ Company is passionate about saving our planet and helping people. We pride ourselves as a company that encourages eco friendly business and charity work. We can all make a difference by changing our habits, working in the community and donating our time and money to those in need. If you know of any organizations that can help us meet our goals please send us an email at: info@blueiguanasoftware.com

    Blue Iguana Software ™ has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every new registered product sold.

    For more information please go to www.arborday.org


    To make donations to Blue Iguana Software ™ Certified Organizations please email us at: donations@blueiguanasoftware.com

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    If you have a story about helping the environment or people please send it to stories@blueiguanasoftware.com

    Look for your story to be posted on our website!

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